Referral Form

Referrals can be made by phone, email or online.

The best way to refer a young person or make a self-referral to Just for Kids Law is by filling in the referral form below.

If you are unable to submit via the form, you can telephone the office on 020 3174 2279 and speak to our New Client Enquiries team. You can also email

We endeavour to respond to all new client enquiries and assess whether we can assist within 3 working days of receiving adequate referral information. In instances where we do not receive adequate referral information, we may need to contact referrers back for additional information before we can assess whether we can assist.

Referring someone else

Referral Type
Referrer (if applicable)
Use this section if you are referring a Young Person to Just for Kids Law. If you are making a self-referral, please select 'self-referral' above and skip to the next section. Please make sure that you have the Young Person’s consent to share their personal information with us and that they are aware of this referral.
The Young Person (YP)
Questions in this section concern the young person who is being referred (henceforth 'YP').
Does YP have a disability
The borough or location where YP lives
Does YP receive any form of benefits?
Is YP being supported by other organisations (i.e. children services, solicitors, advocacy services)?
Is YP any of the following?
Please select all that apply


Just for Kids Law follows safeguarding best practice. If we become aware of any information which leads us to believe someone will be at risk of significant harm we will take this forward in line with our safeguarding policy and may contact social services to share these concerns.
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