We exist to help children and young people overcome all the difficulties they face, from problems at school and issues with immigration status to trouble with the police.

With rising deprivation and public services under pressure, our work is more important than ever.

Please get in touch on 0203 174 2279, at info@justforkidslaw.org, or make an online referral here

Covid-19 support and advice

Our Impact


In 2020, we worked with 784 children and young people


77% of young people reported that they know more about their rights after working with us


76% of young people reported that they feel more confident when facing problems since they've been supported by us

I love having a grassroots charity without having to go through many layers to contact someone who can help.
My life was in other people’s hands. Just for Kids Law helped me understand that is not entirely true and that I do have rights and I can use my rights.
Before I got help... I attempted to take my own life because I couldn’t access any help, I felt like I had no options. They came and helped me and showed me that I actually do.