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Every donation enables us to support more young people in difficulty.

I love having a grassroots charity without having to go through many layers to contact someone who can help.

A satisfied client

At Just for Kids Law, we believe in the incredible potential that every child and young person has to learn, grow and make a difference in their community. That's why we work with and for children and young people to help them overcome the multiple issues and barriers they face, guiding them through challenging situations and steering them to safer shores where they are ready to explore new opportunities.

Unfortunately, we can't help every young person who comes to us looking for support. In 2018, we had to turn away 13% of the children and young people who contacted us because we didn't have the capacity to help them.

In 2018 we had to turn away 13% of the young people who approached us because we didn't have the capacity to help.

Your donation will help us to provide our unique holistic model of support to more of the children and young people who need it. Donations help us to stay independent and flexible, allowing us to take on cases that other charities and law firms wouldn't be able to.

Take the case of Sarah (not her real name). At 16 years old, Sarah was left homeless when her dad moved abroad and didn't take her with him. When she approached social services for help, they placed her in a hostel for adults with substance misuse issues and experience of the criminal justice system. When she was referred to Just for Kids Law, Sarah was immediately connected with a youth advocate, who, after listening to Sarah’s wishes and feelings, worked to lodge a safeguarding concern and get social services to act. When the local authority were unwilling to accommodate Sarah somewhere else, her advocate engaged one of our community care solicitors to help move her case forward. Thanks to this support, Sarah was moved to supported accomodation. Once things had stabilised for her, Sarah's advocate linked her in with one of our youth opportunities workers, who helped her to access a college course. He also helped her make a complaint to the local authority, resulting in a review of their policies and compensation for Sarah. There aren't many charities who are able to offer children and young people such a comprehensive package of support.

As a young person you don’t really know who to contact when you have an issue. Some organisations can’t provide for all needs, but Just For Kids Law can, which was extremely helpful. I don’t know what I would do without JfKL.

A satisfied client

Or take the case of Josh (not his real name). Josh was arrested for an offence at a music festival and sentenced to 3 years in prison. Another young person from the same school and of the same age was arrested for a similar crime but received only a suspended sentence. Josh’s original solicitors appealed the sentence, but when their appeal was refused legal aid, they decided not to proceed. Our youth justice lawyers took on the case pro bono and submitted a renewed grounds for appeal. We argued that Josh’s sentence was disproportionate and that the comparative severity of the sentence represented racial discrimination. We were successful in having Josh’s sentence reduced by 8 months, and Josh is now studying for a university degree. Without independent funding and donors, we wouldn't have been able to take on this case, and Josh might still be in prison.

“Since I’ve been supported by Just for Kids Law, things are improving a lot. I know my rights and I make sure to bring them up.”

A satisfied client

And then there's Mayowa. A gifted student, Mayowa was getting ready to study architecture at university when part-way through his A-levels he discovered that he was undocumented, and therefore not allowed to work or claim student finance support. Mayowa accessed advocacy and legal support at Just for Kids Law, and our youth advocates and immigration caseworker made sure he had the documentation he needed, helped him complete the paperwork and pushed the Home Office to make a decision on his status. In October 2018, Mayowa was granted limited leave to remain, putting his life and plans back on track. No legal aid was available for his case, and it's thanks to our donors and funders that we were able to help Mayowa and other children and young people in a similar situation.

Mayowa receiving confirmation from the Home Office that he has been granted limited leave to remain

To be honest, if it wasn’t for the help of Just for Kids Law, I feel like I’d be in a very, very sticky place.


As well as helping children and young people like Sarah, Josh and Mayowa to overcome their problems and reach their potential, we fight for wider reform to benefit all children and young people in the UK. Every donation helps us to reach more young people and increase our impact.

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