Fundraising ideas

There are so many different ways you can raise money for charity. Here is our A-Z to get you inspired!

A is for Auction

Do you have any collectibles that you could auction off for charity? Or do you know any local businesses who might donate some items for a good cause?  You can even auction services like an offer to mow your neighbours lawn!

Bake Sale

Get baking! Everyone loves cake!

C is for Comedy Night

Follow in the footsteps of Comic Relief and get funny for money. This is great for students who may know people keen to get into the comedy scene or you can even tell some jokes yourself if you're brave enough!

D is for Dancing

Could you learn a new dance in a week? Or have a 24-hour dance off with your friends? Or get inspired by Kingsley Napley and throw your very own Strictly Come Dancing with your colleagues?

E is for Eating Competition

Encouraging people to get competitive is a great way to raise money. If you have a friend who reckons they could complete all the eating challenges on YouTube if only they were nearby then it's time for them to put their money where their mouth is.

F is for Fancy Dress Day

This can be done at work or school or at your local football club. Anyone can get involved. If you work in a customer-facing role it's also a good way to encourage customers to give money by putting a smile on their face.

G is for Giving Something Up

What could you give up? Smoking? Alcohol? Vegetables? Whether it's serious or silly, it can be a great way to raise awareness and get your friends talking.

H is for Heights

If you've always wanted to jump out of a plane or try your hand at abseiling then what better excuse than to do it for charity?

I is for International Days

Choose an international day you care about like World Refugee Day (20th June), International Youth Day (12th August) or the International Day of Charity (5th September). Throw an event to raise awareness and funds!


Get sponsored to make a journey, whether it's running 5km or cycling from Land's End to John O'Groats.

K is for Karaoke

This one is self-explanatory! Whether you are the next Ariana Grande or you can't hold a tune, there's no excuse not to have some fun.

L is for Letter Writing

Lots of people love receiving letters as not many people write letters any more. You could use letter writing as a different way to ask for donations or you could write a letter to everyone who donates. You could even set up a pen pal scheme and ask for a donation when setting people up.

M is for Masterchef

You can do this with colleagues or friends as casually or professionally as you want! Who will prove once and for all that their fish and chips is better?

N is for Nonsense

You can do anything to raise money and it can be as silly as you like. Wear a fake moustache for a week. Only wear neon. Skip everywhere you go.

O is for Open Air Cinema

Hire a projector and put up and old sheet or find a white wall and invite friends over for a fundraising movie night instead of going to the cinema. Ask everyone to donate the price of their cinema ticket.

P is for Presents

Is it your birthday? Christmas? Valentine's Day? If you already have more than your need then consider asking friends and family to donate money instead of buying you presents or buying you a birthday drink. You can even set up a JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving page to keep track of how much you've raised.

Q is for Quiz

A quiz is one of the easiest things to organise and gets people excited. You can either write it yourself, use a pre-made one from the Internet or ask everyone to write a round. Quizzes can be done in person or online via Skype or Zoom.

R is for Running

Running is one of the most popular ways to raise money. There so many ways to mix it up or fit the challenge to your ability. You could aim for a personal best, couch to 5k, or even a marathon. Just for Kids Law can also provide you with a special training top!

S is for Sharing

The best way of raising money is to share your story or your passion with other people. Why do you care about Just for Kids Law? If you can help other people to understand then they are much more likely to donate.

T is for Trying Something New

Fundraising is a great excuse to learn something new. What have you always wanted to try? Get your family to sponsor you to learn to do a backflip, speak Spanish or do some magic tricks. You could even use your new skill as a basis for a fundraising talent show after.

U is for Uniform-Free

This works in schools, offices and other places of work. Hold a non-uniform day and ask everyone to make a donation.

V is for Virtual Fundraising

Consider what you can do online! Use your social media to connect with people and encourage them to support you in whatever you decide to do.

W is for Waxing

Hair removal is a surprisingly lucrative form of fundraising! You could shave your head or wax your legs, getting family and friends to sponsor you. You never know who might donate even more to get to pull off a waxing strip.

X is for Xbox Tournament

Get your friends over and have a massive tournament to find out who really is the best at FIFA.


There are so many different ways to get your friends excited. Have they tried candlelit yoga? Goat yoga? Yoga and wine?

Z is for Zumba

Throw a Zumba class or any other kind of exercise for your friends.

Most importantly, get creative and do whatever you feel passionate about!