Ending the overnight detention of children in police custody: Where are we now and what needs to change?

21 Feb 2022

On 21 February, Just for Kids Law launched its new briefing on the overnight detention of children in police custody.

The event was part of our ongoing work to highlight and eliminate racial disproportionality in the youth justice system and reduce the numbers of Black and minority ethnic children being held overnight in police detention.

We heard from experts on the current situation and discuss what more needs to be done to ensure children are treated expeditiously and as a priority at the police station.



Additional resources

Understanding Police Bail and Remand for Children with the Youth Justice Legal Centre

This guide provides an overview of the law on the pre- and post-charge detention of children by the police and examines the corresponding duties of the local authority. The guide gives practical tips on what can be done by practitioners to reduce the time spent by children in police custody and, in particular, how to avoid their detention overnight at the police station. View a recording of the guide launch here.