We provide one-to-one support to help young people fulfil their potential through education, employment and training and other positive activities.  We help with: CV writing, job-research, mock interviews, personal statements, job application forms and assistance to ensure young people are able to attend appointments.

Approximately 25% of young people aged 16-24 in London are unemployed. JfKL has identified that young people who suffer from multiple and complex needs face barriers which prevent them from entering into education, employment and training. By addressing these issues, removing barriers and providing dedicated support, young people are able to enter into education, employment and training. This approach creates long-term, successful intervention, enabling a young person to become independent, acquire confidence and skills, and work towards a better future.

“The moment I heard of Just for Kids Law was the moment my confidence and my outlook on life grew in a positive light. The Opportunities Team has been absolutely wonderful towards me and I cannot be thankful enough for the services that they have given to me.”