The Youth Projects Team

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A crucial component of our holistic model is that our support doesn’t stop when our advocacy and legal teams have helped young people stabilise their lives. Recognising that young people in difficulty face significant barriers to personal development, we seek to remove those barriers and support them in accessing education, training and employment. This empowers each young person to become independent, confident and able to reach their full potential.

The Youth Projects Team

What do we do?

Together, The Youth Projects Team works with young people aged 14-24 through regular one-to-ones, group work and online meetings. We support young people to achieve their full potential by addressing and removing barriers that they may face in their lives. 

The Youth Projects Team mostly work with young people who have accessed our legal and advocacy services. Our support does not stop when our advocacy and legal teams have helped young people stabilise their lives.

We do this by offering opportunities such as:

  •  Consultations with young people 
  •  Focus Groups on various topics that insight change
  • Inviting young people to attend events and actively participate 
  • Include young people in the interview stage for potential employees
  • Encouraging ex-clients to be part of our trustee board
  • Creative mechanisms including podcast 
  • Participating on in-house and external work experience placements

We also promote and support the involvement with self, external or internally assisted social action projects.
As a team within Just for Kids Law we ensure and promote a youth-centred approach to our work that champions young people involvement and active participation throughout the work we do.

Who are we?

Our Youth Projects Team is made up of three different types of projects that work with young people aged 12-24 from all over London. 

The three projects and workers titles are:

  1. Project: Youth Opportunities – Worker Title: Youth Opportunities Worker
  2. Project: The School Exclusion Project – Worker Title: Youth Engagement and Campaigns Organiser
  3. Project: Youth Engagement and Participation – Worker Title: Youth Engagement and Participation Manager

Most of the young people we work with come through the legaladvocacy or campaign work at Just for Kids Law.