Youth Opportunities

Youth Opportunities is education, training and employment support and it is offered to young people aged 14–24 at Just for Kids Law that are currently or who have previously accessed our legal and advocacy services or campaign work.

We understand that young people in difficulty face more barriers to education training and employment more than others. That is why our Youth Opportunities Worker empowers young people every step of the way.

They support with things like:

  • Making a CV or completing job application forms
  • Providing interview skills practice and other ‘job ready’ support including sourcing clothing for interviews
  • Creating UCAS, college and course applications
  • Provide a one-week internal work experience programme to build your confidence and CV
  • Sourcing tutoring support or training opportunities
  • Accompanying to important appointments, open days and job and apprenticeship fairs
  • Working on time management, organisation skills and confidence 
  • Help to find and apply for grants
  • Goal setting 
  • Encouraging new experiences like being on the other side of the interview panel for our internal recruitment or finding some social activities in your local area that can help you to thrive