The School Exclusion Project

Just for Kids Law has been providing direct legal support to children and young people at risk of school exclusion throughout London for many years but it was in 2018 that we developed a youth participation and social action element to the work of The Youth Projects Team that is now known as The School Exclusion Project.

The School Exclusion Project is open to anyone in London aged 14-24 that has had lived experience of any of the following:

  • School Exclusion
  • Isolation
  • Managed Moved
  • Long periods of suspension

The Youth Engagement and Campaigns Organiser helps young people to engage with our policy and campaigning work internally and externally so that each young person on the project can understand and channel their experiences by being more vocal and visible about the issue of school exclusions.

As part of The School Exclusion Project, young people have:

  • Featured in podcasts, reports, and national newspapers
  • Written personal blogs 
  • Attended debates in parliament
  • Created art pieces that are used in reports or to raise awareness
  • Supported with outreach and awareness-raising
  • Received community journalism training
  • Created speeches or spoken word to share their story publicly
  • Created video diaries for events and awareness-raising purposes

If you would like to get involved or refer yourself or a young person:  CLICK HERE