Introduction to Attending the Governing Body Hearing

This Step-by-Step Guide covers the process of a governors panel hearing, from arriving at the venue to undertaking advocacy.

The governors' hearing is the only review of fixed term exclusions, outside of claims in the First Tier Tribunal A judicial body that will hear appeals against exclusions if the family believe the young person has been the victim of discrimination on the basis of disability. or County Court. It is the first review of permanent exclusions. Because governors have a relationship with the headteacher, and are not necessarily trained in exclusions procedures and law, the family are likely to lose this review.

However, a strong argument sets up the possibility of a strong review by IRP, or claim for judicial review A type of court case in which a judge is asked to review the decision of a public body An organisation that performs a public function with public funds. Includes schools (includes academies and free-schools, but not independent or private schools), CAMHS, the local authority and the police. and correct errors in decision making. , further down the line.

The steps in this guide:

  1. Before arriving at the venue for the hearing;
  2. Arriving at the venue for the hearing;
  3. Meeting with the person you are supporting;
  4. Ensuring fair process at the hearing;
  5. Undertaking advocacy at the hearing.

When to use this guide

Use this guide when you have a governors’ hearing to attend.

More information

If you want more information about the theory and practice of the governor's role and fairness in governors' hearings, read the Quick-Guide: the Governors' Panel Review.