Introduction to Requesting an Independent Review Panel

This Step-by-Step Guide covers the process of asking for the minutes from the governors panel, considering whether to make a request for an independent review panel and making a request.

The steps in this guide:

  1. Requesting the minutes from the governors’ panel hearing;
  2. Deciding whether to request an independent review panel;
  3. Deciding whether to request an SEN expert A person appointed by an IRP to provide expert advice to the panel on SEN issues relevant to the exclusion. at the panel;
  4. How to make a request.

When to use this guide

Use this guide when you have been through a governors’ hearing, but the governors have declined to reinstate the young person. Follow this guide as quickly as possible after receiving notice of the governors’ decision. There is a strict time limit of 15 school days after notification of the governors’ decision to make a request for an independent review panel. If you need to delay making the application for any reason, make a careful note of the deadline as there is no discretion for one to be organise if requested outside of the time limit.

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