1. Requesting the minutes from the governors’ panel hearing

The governors must keep minutes of the meeting. They are required to make a copy available on request without delay. These will help the family to decide whether to request a review and can act as a useful record in the event that a review is requested.

However, the governors’ hearing minutes are rarely a comprehensive transcript. In order to evidence what was said, it will be helpful to either get the minutes amended with your corrections or have a record of your objections made contemporaneously, so that you can rely on them later.

You can obtain a copy of the minutes and request amendments to them by following three steps:

  1. Write to the clerk to the school’s governors to request a copy of the minutes. Consider using the Suggested Wording: Requesting Minutes from the School’s Governors;
  2. Review the minutes and check them against your notes. Amend the minutes by inserting important missing information and correcting important errors;
  3. Write to the clerk requesting that the corrections be reviewed, and the minutes updated. Consider using the Suggested Wording: Requesting that the Clerk to the Governors make Amendments to the Minutes of the Hearing.

Once you have requested amendments to the minutes, or are statisfied that they contain the relevant information, continue to the next step.

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