After the headteacher's decision to exclude

This stage of the School Exclusions Hub covers the time between a headteacher imposing an exclusion, and the governors' panel review.

Only a headteacher can impose an exclusion. The headteacher can also withdraw the exclusion up to the point that it is reviewed by the school's governors. 

The time between the exclusion and the governors’ meeting is an opportunity to get the information and evidence you need to challenge it effectively.

This stage is also an opportunity to work with the headteacher and the local education authority to try to find an alternative to a permanent exclusion An exclusion that results in the young person being removed from the school register and barred from the school’s campus indefinitely. . The headteacher can be encouraged to withdraw the exclusion or agree to alternative processes such as a managed move A process which moves a young person from the registration of one school to the registration of another by agreement between the family and the schools. .