2. Arriving at the venue for the hearing

It is best practice for the school to hold the IRP at a venue that is not connected with the excluding school. However, this is not a requirement and the hearing might be on the excluding school’s grounds.

If the person you are supporting agrees, you should arrange to meet them before the hearing starts. Around 30 minutes in advance is usually appropriate.

This gives you time for both of you to settle and for the young person or their family to ask you any questions they might have.

On arrival, ensure to sign in with reception if appropriate. You may need a form of ID.

If it is held in a school, most will be happy to provide you with a private room to wait in if you ask at reception when you sign in. It may also be held at the local authority A borough, county or city council that has responsibility for providing education to children in their area. ’s premises, if this is the case then they may be able to provide you with a meeting room.

Once you are confident with the process on arriving at the venue, proceed to the next step.

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