3. Following up with the panel after reconsideration

Similarly to the initial governing body hearing and the independent review panel hearing, the governors are likely to keep minutes of their reconsideration.

Although there is no specific requirement for them to do so or to provide the family with a copy, it is often worth request a copy nonetheless. In practice, it is very unlikely that the governors will decline to keep a record of the reconsideration because they should be mindful of the fact that the next step for the family might be to make a claim for judicial review A type of court case in which a judge is asked to review the decision of a public body An organisation that performs a public function with public funds. Includes schools (includes academies and free-schools, but not independent or private schools), CAMHS, the local authority and the police. and correct errors in decision making. , and it would reflect poorly on their practices.

If the minutes were made, they will constitute personal information to which the young person has a right of access.

Once you have requested a copy of the minutes of the reconsideration, click next to proceed to the next step.

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