What do young people think about school exclusions and child exploitation? - DEx Podcast

19 Aug 2021

Episode 10 of the DEx podcast, produced by The Children's Society, explores school exclusions from the perspective of young people with lived experience. This episode features Johnathan, Angel and Chantelle*, 3 young campaigners from our School Exclusion steering group. The JfKL steering group consists of young people with lived experience of school exclusions that are aged 14- 24 years across London. They receive support and training to run their own campaign for a more inclusive education system for all. This steering group is co-ordinated by Michaela Rafferty, our Youth Engagement and Campaigns Organiser, who also features on this episode.

This episode covers:

  • The purpose of the JfKL steering group
  • Why it's important to address school exclusions
  • How fair the school exclusion process is
  • How schools can improve
  • The link between schools exclusions and child exploitation

To sign up to the JfKL steering group please find further details here where you can call, WhatsApp or email Michaela Rafferty.

Trigger warning: this episode contains references to sexual violence that some listeners may find distressing. Please see below for dedicated support services.

Support services:

JfKL legal support for young people 

NSPCC support for young people who have experienced sexual harassment in education 

The Survivors Trust is a hub of organisations who provide support to anyone who has experienced sexual harassment 

Childline information/support for young people who are experiencing school exclusion

* a pseudonym to protect her identity