We were established in May 2006 based on the experiences of our founding directors, Shauneen Lambe and Aika Stephenson, who were working as legal aid lawyers and representing children in criminal courts.  In their extensive work with vulnerable children they repeatedly found an environment that failed to take an all-encompassing view of the needs of the child/young person. They found that the children they represented in criminal proceedings often had much wider needs outside good criminal representation. Many of the problems in their lives—exclusion from school, unstable housing, mental health problems—remained unresolved.

Our vision is not just about keeping children out of prison but keeping them out of the youth justice system. We envisage a society where children are seen for the good in them, not judged by the bad; where all children are able to reach their potential irrelevant of class, race or gender. We believe that by seeing good in children, you encourage them to be good.

For these are all our children. We will either profit by, or pay for, whatever they become.

James Baldwin