Just for Kids Law provides young people with holistic services to address all their needs. Our services include: independent youth advocacy, specialist lawyers in criminal law, education law, and community care law, and an Opportunities Programme, which includes our Just for Kids Law Ambassadors. We also push for structural change through strategic litigation and policy work, and we provide legal training to professionals working with young people.

Youth Advocacy 

Children are routinely denied access to services to which they have a legal right, including education, stable accommodation or other essential support. Sometimes this is because they are unaware, sometimes because they are misinformed.

Our Advocacy programme ensures children and young people understand their legal rights and that their wishes and needs are met.

Our youth advocates are led by the needs and wishes of each individual child and will only ever act according to these. Support is unique to each individual case. Often, our advocates will accompany children and young people to meetings to ensure that their wishes are heard, and they are happy to be a constant contact point across the various agencies with which a child may be working.

Criminal Law

The UK currently has one of the lowest ages of criminal responsibility in Western Europe. We believe that there are elements of the youth justice system that are not fit for purpose and that are in breach of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

We hope to change the criminal justice system and improve outcomes for all children by taking on cases that could have a far-reaching impact beyond the lives of the defendants

We are currently looking at developmental capacity and the ability of young people to meaningfully engage in a criminal trial. Could the criminal justice system be unfairly penalising all children and young people?

Please contact us if you would like more information about this project.

Education Law

Exclusion from education has been identified as a key factor in youth offending. In one young offenders’ institute, 83% of the boys had been excluded from school.

We believe structured education can offer a base that can prevent young people from entering the criminal justice system.

We recognise the problems associated with school exclusions and offer advice and representation to those facing exclusion. We will attempt to ensure the child is receiving appropriate educational support in the classroom with consideration of any special needs, and we have been nominated as specialists representing children on the Autism spectrum by the National Autistic Society.

We aim to work with the institutions and Local Authorities to resolve difficulties by mediating, assisting and, if necessary, challenging parties to prove their commitment to young people.

Community Care Law

Many children and young people do not receive adequate support, either from their family or in the care system. We believe this lack of support can prevent these young people from achieving their full potential.

Our Community Care programme can help when a local authority fails to meet their duty to protect the welfare of children and young people. This can include providing suitable accommodation, financial support, a key-worker or respite care.

Our solicitors work with clients to ensure that local authorities conduct appropriate assessments of these young people’s needs. We then advocate on behalf of clients for the best possible support to which they are entitled.