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  • From the age of 10 any child can be held in a police cell.

  • 800 children a week are held overnight in police cells*, many for minor offences.

  • The law is clear children should not be kept in cells overnight. But we know it still happens, all the time.

  • We think putting children in cells should only ever be used as a last resort.


Our new prime minister, Theresa May, agrees custody is a distressing experience for a child. In a letter she wrote to local authorities in January 2015 she said: ‘When a local authority receives a request from the police to accommodate a child or young person they have an absolute duty…to do so’. She went on to say: ‘Evidence suggests that the legal requirements are not being followed.’

We have successfully campaigned to change the law four times in the last four years to help children and young people. We are prepared to take legal challenges against each local authority that fails to accommodate children. The court fee alone is £140 each time we challenge a local authority. We are a small charity reliant on donations. Please give what you can to support this campaign.






*source All Party Parliamentary Group for children July 2014