Fundraising for University

If you are not eligible for student finance and you decide to start or stay at university, you will have to access alternative funding to pay for your fees and your living costs and may have to do some fundraising. This is a lot of money to raise and we do not know of any charities or organisations who provide this level of funding to individuals to cover their university costs. Just for Kids Law do not have any funding or grants for this purpose.

As of February 2017, we are in contact with approximately 50 students who are not eligible for student finance and who are currently studying at university. We would be able to assist in only a fraction of these cases and are instead focusing our resouces on campaiging for more university scholarships.



Let Us Learn campaigners deliver mince pies to vice chancellors as part of #younggiftedandblocked campaign



Several students have successfully raised large sums of money through crowdfunding campaigns which they have set up and promoted themselves, including Emmanuel and Motunrayo. Key to their success has been their commitment to the task and their willingness to ask everyone in their own networks for support. For those of you also thinking of turning to crowdfunding to raise some or all of the money for your studies, read this guide on Crowdfunding for beginners for essential tips and useful advice, which includes a case study of a successful fundraising campaign by a Let Us Learn-er.